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Syrian gang kidnapped a tourist in Istanbul

The Saudi embassy in Ankara and the consulate in Istanbul, in collaboration with Turkish security forces, managed to find a Saudi tourist who was abducted by a Syrian gang last week.

Abir Al-Enenzi was abducted on Wednesday shortly after leaving the department store in Istanbul, where she was on vacation with her family. The Saudi Embassy announced on Monday that Abir had been found and the necessary measures were being taken to bring her back to the Kingdom.

Since receiving notification of her abduction, the embassy and consulate have worked tirelessly with the Turkish authorities to find her, the statement said. She was found in good health on Monday around a three-hour drive outside of Istanbul.

The embassy and consulate are monitoring the investigation of this case with the Turkish special services.

Last weekend, her brother Faisal published a message that he received from a gang of Syrians through the WhatsApp messaging app, where the Syrians warned him not to go to the police, but to pay a ransom quickly. Collaborating with the security forces, the brother complied with their instructions and agreed to meet with the kidnappers of the tourist. In the indicated place, the police detained one of the abductors, who came for a ransom. He soon confessed to the crime and escorted them to the house where the Syrian family lived and where the victim was kept.


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