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China took money to train Muslims and bought tear gas

China could use a World Bank loan designed to promote education in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to purchase tear gas, barbed wire, and body armor. This is reported by Foreign Policy.

The Executive Commission on China in the US Congress sent a letter to World Bank head David Malpass asking him to evaluate what exactly the $ 50 million (about 3.5 billion rubles) that was originally allocated for the development of education in the Muslim region of China went. It is noted that the question is the acquisition by one of the educational institutions in Yarkand of high-quality protective equipment in the amount of 30 thousand dollars (more than two million rubles). Among the property are 30 launchers of tear gas, 100 batons for riot control, 400 sets of camouflage clothing, 100 sets of shock-resistant clothing, 45 helmets, 12 metal detectors and more. The source of the funds spent is not established for certain.

In June, the Chinese authorities denied the information about the torture of prisoners in the camps of the Uighurs. The error is that "centres of education and training" described as concentration camps, explained the current Ambassador of China in Russia Zhang Hongwei.

In August 2018, the UN Commission on human rights reported that at least one million members of ethnic minorities is contained in the closed camps in Xinjiang, where they were allegedly re. People are forced to sing revolutionary songs, to study the ideas of Chinese President XI Jinping, speaking non-native Chinese language. The existence of camps, the official Beijing explains the prevention of terrorist activities in the region. At the same time, those who went through rehabilitation, they say that people in the camps were tortured.


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