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Hundreds of tourists evacuated on the Greek island of Samos due to forest fires

Forest fires have gripped Greece on the island of Samos of the five hotels were evacuated hundreds of tourists, according to TV channel Skai. "Forest fires on Samos began in the tourist area of Mesokampos. According to the mayor of the island Christodoulos of Sevastakis, five hotels were evacuated hundreds of tourists and locals, all of them are temporarily housed in the gym of the village of Pythagorion. Another thousand people were evacuated from the island on ships of the coast guard, port authorities and private boats. No injuries were reported," — writes the portal.

According to the TV station, the fire on the island were divided into two fronts – near the mountains and near the beach Glicorisa. According to the fire if the wind dies down, in a mountain area, the flame will be brought under control. In fire fighting was attended by four fire-fighting aircraft and two helicopters that dropped water bombs, as well as 31 fire. Assistance and volunteers from local residents on the cars which collect water to extinguish the aqueducts.

According to the fire service of Greece, for the last day across the country there were 56 forest fires. In extinguishing were involved 693 firefighters, 273 vehicles, as well as military and volunteers. Most of the fires have been contained or put out almost immediately, nevertheless still burning pasture to Agios Vassilios (Crete), in the South of the Peloponnese. "As of Sunday, August 25, the high probability of fires (category 4) in Attica, Central Greece and the Peloponnese. In some areas of regions will be limited traffic forbidden excursions to national parks and walks in the woods", — stated in the message of the fire service.

Forest fires started in Greece because of the hot weather (up to 35-37 degrees) and wind storms which often breaks out the dry grass and shrubs.


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