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Cape of Poseidon

Possidi is a beautiful village located 70 km south of Polygyros, the main city of Halkidiki. Thanks to the surrounding picturesque landscapes, clean beaches and views of the old Mende Castle, many tourists come to Possidi during the summer for a relaxing holiday.

A famous attraction in Possidi is the cape, a narrow treeless strip of land that goes deep into the Gulf of Thermaikos. Due to the difficult navigation near this coastline in 1864, a snow-white lighthouse with a height of 14.5 meters was built, today it is the hallmark of the village. The cape area is controlled by the navy of Greece.

Tourists can visit the ruins of the ancient city of Mende, founded by settlers from Eretria in the 8th century BC. The city, located on the hillsides in the south of the Kassandra peninsula, has become famous for the shrine of Poseidon, which is considered one of the oldest religious buildings in Greece. It was used as a place of worship of the god of the seas, starting from the second century BC.

The village promenade is dotted with cafes, fish restaurants, beach bars and taverns that offer a variety of snacks and local dishes. Possidi has no lively nightlife, although there are several lounge bars along the beach that are open around the clock.


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