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France conceived to carry out pension reform in spite of protests

French President Emmanuel Macron, who had promised not to raise his retirement age before the election, found a way to formally keep his promise, but to ensure that citizens had to retire later, writes The Local.

In his opinion, it would be fair if the person who later began his career later completed it. Macron previously stated that he would like to find a way to ensure that the average retirement age grows to 64 years.

In France the minimum retirement age set at 62 years for men and women. The average life expectancy at 82 years old allows the French to rest longer than the citizens of any other country in the world.

However, the full amount of pension the citizen receives if the period is not less than 41,5 years. To the pension was full, regardless of length, needs to be modified to 67. Overall the system seems to experts too complicated — it contains 42 different mode of retirement. Therefore, the government is not the first year looking for a way to simplify the system and force the French to work longer. But any initiative is met with sharp protest.

Macron, explaining the idea, suggested that she will start the discussion on the reform and reconcile opponents. However, the initiative was criticized by his opponents. Eric Woerth, Minister of labour under President Nicolas Sarkozy, said that the macron wants to discriminate against the French, receiving higher education because they have to start working later.

In the near future in France begin a public debate on the proposals. Their opinions can be Express in different form. It is noted that French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is going to take part in some activities.


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