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Game of Thrones scenario reveals the truth about Sansa Stark’s betrayal

The script for the Game of Thrones series published online revealed the truth about Sansa Stark's betrayal. This publication reports Mirror on Friday, August 30.

The following are the spoilers for the Game of Thrones.

In the final season, John Snow tells Sansa Stark that in fact he is not her brother, because he belongs to the Targaryen family. It turns out that he is the nephew of his beloved Daenerys Targaryen. Sansa promises to keep this secret, but in a conversation with Tyrion Lannister talks about the origin of John Snow.

In the finale, the characters reunite and touchingly say goodbye to each other, in connection with which we can assume that all insults are forgotten. However, the script says that John Snow did not forgive Sansa Stark: “John is standing in front of Sansa. He did not completely forgive her for betraying the oath he had made her give. He knows that she loves him. He knows that she wants only the best for the North. But still..."

Earlier in the script, they discovered the solution to one of the most obscure episodes of the finale. Many fans debated why the dragon Drogon burned the Iron Throne after Daenerys' death. Some believed that he saw in him a symbol of power that had destroyed the heroine, others put forward the theory that he had discovered a connection between the dagger in the body of the mistress and the swords from which the throne was made, and considered that a piece of furniture had attacked Daenerys. It turned out that Drogon burned the throne quite by accident.


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