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Moni Island

In the Saronic Gulf off the southwest coast of the Greek island of Aegina is a small uninhabited island of Moni. The only permanent residents of this protected area are wild animals and birds (goats, deer, peacocks, etc.), which, however, are so accustomed to tourists that are happy to regale out of hand, if you forget to stock up on some treats for them.

The stunning beauty of the pristine landscapes of the island of Moni, crystal-clear coastal waters and a feeling of complete unity with nature attract to the island those seeking peace and privacy. In the Northern part of the island in the small Bay, where boats generally, there is a good sandy beach. In the holiday season on the beach there are two small taverns where you can eat and also rent sun umbrellas and sun loungers. The most popular island among fans of diving and fishing.

Lovers of long walks can take a fascinating tour of the island, and to climb to the highest point of the island, which offers stunning panoramic views. Really should take care in advance about footwear, headgear from the sun and sufficient supply of drinking water. On the top there is the well-preserved old hopper is provided here by the Germans during the Second world war to control the port of Piraeus.

To reach the island of Moni is simple. During the summer period (may to September) from the port of the small fishing village of Perdika, on Aegina island (located directly opposite the island of Moni) on a regular basis runs a pleasure boat. The journey takes approximately 10-15 minutes. You can also rent in Perdika boat and take a trip to the island of Moni yourself.


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