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Mouse Island and Vlacherna Monastery

4-5 km South from the centre of Corfu town (Kerkyra) is the area of Kanoni, located on the eponymous Peninsula. In ancient times there was the ancient city. Kanoni is one of the most famous attractions of Corfu. The highlight of this area is the monastery of Vlacherna and Pontikonisi island, better known as "Mouse island".

The Vlacherna monastery is located on a small plot of land associated with the Peninsula is a narrow concrete pier. The snow-white Church with a small chapel of the virgin Mary is practically the whole plot of land. A beautiful architectural complex is almost completely surrounded on all sides by blue water and very picturesque. Constructed Vlacherna monastery was in the XVII century in honor of the vlachernskaya icon of Mother of God. The miraculous icon is now kept in the monastery.

Near the monastery of Vlacherna is a small fishing pier. From here you can take a boat tour to another gem of these places – the picturesque little island of Pontikonisi (in translation from Greek means "Mouse island"). According to ancient legend, this island was once the ship of Odysseus, but the angry Poseidon turned him to stone. The island is the monastery of Pantokrator, which was built in the 12-13 centuries. To get to the monastery, it is necessary to climb a long white staircase, resembling a mouse's tail (hence the name of the island). The islet of Pontikonisi completely covered with lush green vegetation that creates a unique scene. With the coast of Corfu, he looks a little green oasis in the middle of the azure waters of the sea.

Take a tour of the island of Corfu is certainly worth a visit these places. The secluded little island of Pontikonisi, the white Vlacherna and the miraculous icon, beautiful panoramic views will leave unforgettable impressions of the trip.


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