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Monaco is a unique state, for example, in creating artificial land, the principality bypassed some countries, even such highly developed ones as Japan and Singapore. What is the cost of one construction of the whole city among the waves with the beautiful name Fontvieille. Moreover, this is not a modest structure of a fishing town, but a dense building with high-rise buildings, as well as throughout the country.

A bit of history

Fontvieille in Monaco is located almost entirely on artificial land. During the reign of Prince Rainier III and under his leadership in the principality in 1970, a number of stages of drainage operations were successfully carried out. The main thing is the creation of an underwater embankment from rocks and the construction of a thirty-meter wide underwater concrete dam.

The government of Monaco, thanks to the embodied idea of ​​Prince Rainier III, was able to increase the country's area by almost 20%, and as a result, the youngest region of the principality appeared. It covers an area of ​​almost 0.334 sq km, with about 3700 inhabitants. The city of Fontvieille is connected to the rest of Monaco by a rocky tunnel.



Beaches and infrastructure Fontvieille

As such, there are no real and large beaches familiar to our understanding in this city. Fontvieille is considered an industrial area and port, the promenade is combined with marinas and yachts. Several hotels have a small area with pebbly and sandy beaches, but this is more likely for indoor recreation. It is much more pleasant to drive around for about five minutes to real Mediterranean white sand and surf, for example, the beach of De Larvotto in Monte Carlo.

The port of Fontvieille, located at 6 Quai Antoine 1er 98011 Monaco - the second port in the principality, small. It was built primarily for the water transport of local residents to streamline the marine parking. Due to this, a sea taxi is very popular in the area, as well as a much larger selection of yachts for rent, both with a skipper and without him.

Despite the external residential attractiveness, in the western part of the city yachts are mainly produced on order. Fontvieille embankment is entirely occupied by banks, offices and shops, the local huge shopping center is considered almost a tourist attraction.

The port works for residents and is built on 275 floating places with a length of not more than 30 meters, although sometimes it takes ships for unloading. Fontvieille has its own modern equipped helipad, which is actively used by tourists who want to quickly get from Nice (France) to Monaco. In addition, during a ten-minute flight you can admire the sea horizons and stunning landscapes of the Liberian Sea.




Attractions and entertainment

As in any area of ​​Monaco, the city of Fontvieille has many of its special places, loved by citizens and tourists, for example:

A huge sports stadium named after Louis II. It was opened in 1985, and still it is the central place for football games and a favorite place for fans, which is almost all the inhabitants of Monaco. The stadium part is used by various European teams. In addition to the football field, the complex prudently built halls for other sports: boxing, basketball, ski jumping, etc. Together with the stadium, the University of Monaco also operates.

Commercial center, one floor of which is allocated for the Museum of Antique Cars of Prince Rainier III. His Grace was an avid collector, redeemed and restored antique cars for about 30 years. The collection has about a hundred copies, it presents the Prince’s family carriages, vintage and representative vehicles, military vehicles, as well as a large collection of the world-famous Formula 1 racing cars and winners, which takes place annually on the Monte Carlo circuit.

Since 1954, there has been a small zoo in the center of Zoological acclimatization; it introduces tourists to the wildlife of the tropics: monkeys, hippos, reptiles, tigers and not only live here, and the doors of a rural farm are traditionally open for younger guests.

About 4 hectares are reserved for the Landscape Park or Unesco Park, which has collected a real collection of plants from all over the world. It has a playground for families with the smallest children. Princess Grace's rose garden is a fragrant corner in Fontvieille Park, this flower was especially liked by the wife of Prince Rainier III, it contains various varieties, types and shades of roses. For public access, the rose garden was opened in 1984 in honor of the deceased princess.

In the new area there is a famous sculpture road, which contains interesting and beautiful works of various authors from around the world, some of the sculptures are scattered throughout Monaco.

The seashore cannot exist without the Maritime Museum; it houses an interesting collection of 180 miniature copies of real ships and even the famous Titanic.

The Museum of Stamps and Coins is a favorite place for philatelists and collectors of voiced coinage. You will see your own stamps of Monaco, a unique rare collection of items of the postal service and funds of the principality of different eras.


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