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The BMW M8 family was born in four versions

The Germans presented the BMW M8 model immediately as four cars: the base coupe and the M8 Competition coupe, as well as similar two convertibles. In this company, only the eighth series sedan-emka is still missing. All of them received a V8 4.4 M TwinPower Turbo engine with a return of 600 hp. and 750 N • m in the basic version, as well as 625 hp (at the same moment) in versions of Competition.

Distinctive features of the M8 Competition: dark chrome on the frame of the radiator grill and the “gills” behind the front wheels, exclusive 20-inch forged wheels with 275/35 and 285/35 tires (the “simple” M8 has 275/40 ZR19 and 285/40 ZR19 ) There should be black gloss on the mirrors. But with the M Carbon package, they appear in a carbon-fiber decor, like the air intakes in the bumper.

The base M8 coupe accelerates from zero to hundreds in 3.3 s and develops a maximum speed of 250 km / h (the limiter can be retuned to 305 with the M Driver’s Package). A convertible with the same engine loses in spurt to a hundred and 0.1 s. The M8 Competition coupe can do it in 3.2 s, and its open-mate BMW M8 Competition Convertible can do it in 3.3 s. Of course, from the ordinary brothers of the eighth series of "emki" differ not only in power.

The BMW M8 family was born in four versions
By tradition, the M8 emoques are distinguished by four exhaust pipes with a diameter of 100 mm and a specially tuned sound, which can also be changed with the M Sound Control button (switching valve). As an option, you can put the exhaust system M Sport (in Competition it is standard) and extract new notes from the "eights".
Here appeared its suspension settings (including those affecting the geometry of the wheels), a more rigid engine mount, an eight-step M Steptronic with a Drivelogic function (three shift programs), an all-wheel drive M xDrive with an active rear differential M and 4WD, 4WD Sport and 2WD modes (with the stabilization system turned off). And one of the most striking differences: an innovative brake system with two pedal sensitivity settings (Comfort and Sport). And this is her debut at BMW.


The BMW M8 family was born in four versions
M Sport seats with illuminated M8 headrest badges, original leather trim, M steering wheel with a pair of “hot” buttons M1 and M2 for quick adjustment of the engine and chassis, tidy, projection display and central screen with specific graphics and M menu, and a new design selector "automatic" - this is the equipment of "emo".
The BMW M8 family was born in four versions
Another innovation: on the tunnel, the M Mode buttons for reconfiguring all “one-touch” systems (Road, Sport, Track modes, the last only in Competition versions) and Setup for quick access to the menu screen with personalized system settings individually (from engine and suspension before steering and all-wheel drive).
In general, the concept and equipment of the "um-eighths" are very reminiscent of the latest generation M5 sedan. But they go a little further, due to the same compact single control module and brake activation with an electric pump that develops the pressure required in the brake circuits (there is no vacuum booster here). It was he who made the brake pedal more comfortable "feel" on everyday trips and more rigid and "straightforward" on the track. At the same time, such a module is combined with both basic brakes (disc diameter 395/380 mm) and optional carbon-ceramic (400/380). The M8 family will be on sale in Russia in the fall, and the representative office promises to announce prices in the coming hours.


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