1. The desire to reduce the waist, with the help of crunches

Why doesn't this work?
It combines 2 reasons:
First, there is the local weight loss. That is, the body will never remove fat in only one specific part of the body.
Secondly, weight loss is 70% dependent on proper nutrition and only about 30% from training.

The first and most important to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat. And this can be done by the everyday "rape" by the press, and with the help of proper nutrition and systematic aerobic exercise.

Second, you need, of course, to train the press. But to do it 2 – 3 times a week for 3 – 4 sets 15 – 25 reps. That would be enough.

2: Cardio, cardio, and only cardio

We cannot say that running itself is bad. But sometimes girls are so fond of dropping extra pounds that do not notice how addicted to cardio.

Why is that bad?
Excessive cardio increases cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in the body. This hormone differs in that it destroys muscle tissue. That is, leads to the fact that muscle mass becomes less, so the slower the processes of metabolism.

Everything in moderation, 2-3 times a week for 40-60 minute sessions on the treadmill is enough.

Avoid monotonous workouts. You need to constantly vary the intensity, the speed and incline of your run. Series of long and slow runs with shorter, faster. Do short acceleration during the race. That is, the change of the load.

Plug weight training. Cardio in combination with strength training allows you to achieve the same results faster, as they actively influence the metabolism. It is strength training help the girl to find sexy arms, tight glutes, embossed calf muscles and overall attractive appearance.

3. Do not drink the water.
Why is drinking water so important?
During exercise we sweat and lose a lot of fluid. If it does not fill, you will get tired ahead of time.

Moreover, water flushes out toxins. Helps to keep joints healthy. Accelerates metabolism. Relieves fatigue. To continue on?

It is easiest always to carry a bottle of water (750 ml), you can add a little lemon juice.

4. Neglecting the basic exercises.

Why is this happening?
Basic exercises – bench press, deadlifts, squats... They are extremely effective and help with weight loss, and increasing muscle, and when you desire to attractive and sexy body. However, many people are afraid to run for fear of getting hurt, "to siphon".

Of course, do base!
Plug in a set of squats, deadlift and bench press. Each of these exercises do only once a week, except for their joint execution of one exercise.

First try to master the exercise technique execution. Practice with low weight to yourself. Be sure to watch the video lessons on the technique of their execution or stick together.

5. And speaking of DIETS...
Very strict or mono-diets.
She does not want this, and here's why: everyone who starts to go on a diet with a single product, cause tremendous stress in the body.

With the beginning of the mono (and the other is not a balanced diet) can dramatically take weight. But where will this lead? Your body will still be flabby because the fat layer will remain or increase, and the muscles will go away. Here is the form of a shapeless figure, with a flat ass and flabby sides, even in size XS.

Stick to a balanced diet and add exercise, don't sit on the sofa and not Davis buckwheat for weeks – that your figure will not be more beautiful.

Beautiful figure is not the numbers on the scale. Beautiful figure is the appearance, shape, and ratio of muscle and fat.

A balanced diet is when your plate is, and proteins, and complex carbohydrates and lots of fiber+useful vegetable fats!


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