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IPod makers invent Nest self-learning thermostat

Former Apple employees who had a hand in creating the iPod player created their own Nest Labs company and at the same time presented their first creation: the Nest self-learning thermostat. As you can easily see, in their brainchild is the very same iPod "click wheel." The device has already been nicknamed the "iPod among thermostats."

A bit of background. It turns out that millions of American homes and offices have dull and hard-to-control thermostats that control their internal temperature. The guys noticed this and decided to create a thermostat level of Apple products, designed to become one of the most interesting design elements. However, in the functionality the novelty also did not disappoint. Just imagine: in just a week this miracle will fully enter your regime (when you leave home and when you return) and will independently regulate the temperature.

Surely you have questions: "How does he know all this? Is it really necessary to enter data?" It's simple: 6 sensors are integrated in the device, monitoring the indicators of temperature, light, humidity and movement. This is how the thermostat will know when there is nobody in the room to lower the temperature (saving energy is always relevant). If you wish, you can set several thermostats in different rooms - they will not swear with each other, but will cooperate fully, passing each other information about the owner’s location in the house. The control takes place through a “click wheel”, which can be turned to lower or raise the temperature.

If the temperature is high, the screen will turn red, and if it is low, it will turn blue. Not forgetting that in the courtyard of the 21st century, the creators lovingly equipped it with a Wi-Fi module and created an application to manage their brainchild through smartphones on iOS and Android. Speaking of children: there is a password for protection from children. Pre-orders have already begun, and sales will start in November. Price? $ 250. Is it a lot or a little? The company believes that in a year the novelty will save the owner (for example, the USA) about 200-300 dollars from, on average, a 1000-dollar annual electricity bill.


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