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Why should I drink a cup of coffee a day?

1. Coffee reduces the risk of certain types of cancer. Coffee can cause pancreatic cancer. This conclusion was made by doctors in 1980. In 2007, after processing 66 works on this topic, another conclusion was made: coffee is not a carcinogen. An experiment was conducted in Sweden with 59 women. The results are as follows: there is absolutely no connection between coffee and breast cancer. And people who have consumed 2-3 cups of this drink per day have a much lower risk of developing liver cancer. This statement was made by doctors in Japan after an examination of 90 thousand people.

2. Coffee is able to relieve fatigue after intense physical exertion. Sports doctors have added caffeine to a sports drink. The result was amazing: caffeine increases the ability of our body to restore muscle tone by 60%. Thanks to caffeine, the body sucks out carbohydrates faster.

3. Like regular water, coffee can quench your thirst. Do not forget that coffee is a diuretic drink, as a result you can lose much more liquids than you consume. But for such a problem, you need to drink no less than 550 milliliters of coffee. The average dose of the drink is 100 milligrams. One serving of this drink in the morning will not do you any harm.

4. Coffee reduces the risk of diabetes and Alzheimer's. Cholesterol, which causes Alzheimer's disease, is harmful to our brain. And caffeine perfectly protects brain cells from its effects. Among coffee lovers, patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus are rarely found.

5. Coffee cheers up and invigorates. This drink not only gives energy, but is also able to improve attention, gives a person a sense of joy, and increases the level of concentration. To get this effect, you need to drink coffee regularly. Scientists say that if you drink 2-4 cups of coffee a day, then you have a reduced risk of depression. However, if this happened to you, give up coffee, as in such an unstable state, coffee can give a completely different effect.



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