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Google Chrome alerts users to slow pages

Representatives of the Google Chrome browser development team reported that work is currently underway to add special marks to it, informing users about the speed of loading web pages.

According to the intention of the developers, this innovation should be an excellent incentive for fast sites and thus motivate webmasters to conduct regular work aimed at increasing the download speed of Internet resources.

At the same time, in what form such marks will be implemented is still unclear. The Google Chrome browser development team plans to test several possible options at once in order to reliably determine which one will be the most useful and convenient for users.

It is expected that at the first stage of the implementation of such an update, the Google Chrome browser will detect sites created using any tools and technologies that, unfortunately, significantly reduce the speed of their own loading. In addition, delays in the process of loading the site will be analyzed in detail.

At the next stage of development of new functionality, the Google Chrome browser will learn how to determine the moment when a web page can start loading too slowly for a specific user, based on the parameters of the device used by him and the conditions for connecting to the World Wide Web.

To date, the developers of the Google Chrome browser are considering three different options for how you can inform users about the download speed of the webpage they are interested in:

loading screen (splash screen);
loading indicator as a string;
context menu for links.

The latest version of the implementation of new functionality can provide users of the Google Chrome browser with the opportunity to get an objective idea of ​​the standard download speed of a site. Thanks to this, it will be possible to clearly understand how quickly the interested site works, even before the direct transition to it.

It is important to understand that the introduction of special marks on the speed of loading the site will be implemented gradually.

As for the long-term goal of Google - it consists in the need to determine the most effective and convenient way to designate sites with good UX. It is obvious that such a goal may well include other signals in addition to the site loading speed.

Officials at Google promised to provide timely updates on how to work in this area, and also recommended that website owners and webmasters not regularly optimize their Internet resources.


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