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Named the most beautiful and unusual car routes

The TravelSupermarket portal has published a ranking of the most popular car routes in the world. The list includes tracks in different parts of the world, due to photos of which you can start packing your bags.

The leader, and this is not surprising, is the American Route 66. The legendary track, which may not be as fast as its modern counterparts, but still attracting tourists from all over the world. It is not in vain called the main street of America.

The second place in the ranking moves us to the other end of the world. It's about the Australian Great Ocean. The road runs along the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Australia. It is worth noting that the route is included in the list of Natural Heritage Sites of Australia.

5,000 kilometers, 20 national parks, 18 large rivers, 236 bridges, 13 large lakes, salt marshes and 27 mountain passes. If you drive not so long ago, then the Argentine Ruta 40 is not for you. Tourists say that in almost every tourist store in the country you can find a brochure about this highway.

Названы самые красивые и необычные автомобильные маршруты, изображение №2

Then on the list are three American roads: Blue Ridge Parkway, Finger Lakes Highways and Valley of Fire Road. The first track is suitable for those who are in no hurry and love to stop at the observation deck. On the second you can find lakes that resemble fingers on top, and while driving along the third, you can feel yourself on another planet.

After a tour of the United States, the rating moves us to the north of Europe, where Ring Road in Iceland stands out, which best helps to see the country, as well as the Norwegian Trollstigen, where you can see the sign "Caution, trolls!".

Названы самые красивые и необычные автомобильные маршруты, изображение №3

Closing the published list are two highways in Canada. Icefields Parkway, which connects two national parks, and the Cabot Trail, on which it is impossible not to look at the ocean, along the coast of which the highway passes.


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