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In Japan, they are going to build a walking fighting robot from anime

Twentieth January 2020 website Gundam Kits Collection said that this year in Yokohama will be built mobile layout huge humanoid robot RX-78-2 "Gundam" from the popular anime "Mobile suit "Gundam"" (Kidō Senshi Gandam). Promise that the robot will not only be made in natural size (18 feet tall), but will even be able to walk!

It is worth noting that earlier the Japanese had already engaged in the construction of "Gundam" in physical size. There were two "step", and each all spectacular. First built in 2009 in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of the franchise. It was highly detailed — it was possible to consider not only every bolt and rivet, but also a variety of technical labels for the personnel mechanisms, streaks of machine oil, scratches, marks of hits on brealito etc. the Layout was almost stationary — could only move my head, turning it left and right, and had done a couple of times a day to the delight of tourists.

The second was a mobile suit from the anime Gundam Unicorn. It was built in 2017, and he was already significantly more — moving his hands glowed and several times a day was transformed into combat mode and back.

Both robots had such a huge success that the third time was the most epic. Will be built a ride called "the Factory "Gundam"", Central to which is a huge hangar for the robot. Lifting on the catwalk surrounding the Walker car at different levels, visitors will be able to inspect it up close. And most importantly — it 18 m the monster will still walk! Details of these walks have not been disclosed, we only know that their sight will take a charge. The opening of the attraction is scheduled for October 1, 2020 to operate, it will be the year.

Basically, when you start to build a fourth robot, he, presumably, will be so functional that will only have to replace the prop gun for the real, and to adopt the self-defense Forces. By the way, laughter laughter, and Chinese television in 2015, inserted in a program about the growing Japanese military threat frames with "Gundam", taken from a Japanese commercial.


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