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The situation with the Chinese coronavirus is becoming increasingly alarming

With each passing hour the situation with a new disease, first identified in December of last year in Wuhan, China, is becoming increasingly anxious. Grows not only the number of infected and dead from new coronavirus in Chinese, which at the moment at least 440 and 9, respectively, but the number of countries which have identified infected. First infected in spite of precautions taken at airports revealed, for example, in the United States.

Airports and airlines are taking increased precautions to protect its staff and passengers. So, in Hong Kong international airport, which from Wuhan to fly less than two hours, the planes with potential disease vectors are put in a special place. Doctors carefully check arrived from Wuhan and disinfect the terminal.

Cleaning and disinfection is enhanced in all airport terminals in Hong Kong. In response to complaints of trade Union of pilots and flight attendants at risk of infection the management of the airline Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. allowed crew members to wear gauze masks during the flight to China.

The airline Korean Air Lines Co. members of the crews of aircraft flying in Wuhan, distribute special protective suits, and the planes themselves decided to be disinfected more than once a month, as before, and every day. In South Korea, by the way, on Monday revealed the first infected with coronavirus.

At Singapore Changi airport increased control over all passengers arriving from China, and not only those who came from Wuhan. In gloucestershi airline Scoot all passengers from Wuhan distribute a special memo on security precautions. All "Chinese" flights distribute disinfectant, sanitary hand wipes and surgical masks.

The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe promised the citizens to strengthen the precautions and quarantine.

Strengthened surveillance and Mumbai international airport Chhatrapati Shivaji Magarac. At the capital airport passengers from Wuhan to check carefully.

In the US, where it revealed the first infected with the coronavirus, at the direction of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States increased security measures for passengers from China introduced at airports in San Francisco, Los Angeles and new York on January 17. This week began carefully to examine passengers from China and airports of Atlanta and Chicago.

In China, of course, also trying to stop the spread of the disease, but it is very difficult due to the Chinese New year, which will mark the end of the week. In the Christmas holidays going on the world's largest migration of people – hundreds of millions of Chinese people go to visit relatives and friends.However, authorities say that people with fever are not allowed on planes and trains.

Coronavirus, even if it does not directly affect the economy. For example, Goldman Sachs Group analysts believe that the Chinese virus may well affect ... oil markets and lower oil prices. Analysts believe that the demand for oil due to illness can decrease by 260 thousand bar. / Day, moreover, more than half of them will fall on aviation fuel. This means that the price of a barrel of oil may fall by $ 2.9.

Due to the coronavirus, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts an 8% reduction in passenger traffic for Asian airlines. Of course, airlines will have losses on other continents, but they are expected to be lower than in Asia.


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