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Ukrainian aircraft industry trapped due to sanctions

The failure of the aircraft factory "Antonov" from the cooperation with Russian enterprises calls into question the production of aircraft and execution of the contracts. It is reported by the Kiev newspaper "Day".

The author notes that the aircraft made "Antonov", largely dependent on Russian components, and the An-148 was produced in Voronezh. After the coup in 2014, the company refused to cooperate with Russia, where Kiev authorities imposed against Moscow sanctions. The company tried to negotiate with Western providers, but negotiations in what have not resulted.

Ukraine has managed to assemble two aircraft without Russian components: the An-178 and a demo copy of the An-132D. With the first managed to win the tender in Peru, and the second is interested in Saudi Arabia. The management of "Antonov" assures that Peru had agreed to wait until Ukraine will gather more planes without Russian components. The period of performance of the contract in 2021.

The project EN-132D never brought to life because of the change of power in Saudi Arabia. A demo instance can not even sell.

To "Antonov" I assure you that did everything they could to refuse the Russian parts. But for the substitution of components required over two hundred million dollars that the state has not allocated.

"A penny is not received. Where will these planes? I can't do planes just because" — said the head of "Antonov" Alexander Donets.

The company has complained that from-for absence of financing wasting your time, because they can not conduct tests on existing machines.

"Ukroboronprom" has accused the company in the absence of a clear business plan, which the state cannot allocate funds.

Director of corporate rights and investment projects of the company "Motor Sich" Vladimir Semenov called on to lift sanctions against several Russian companies to complete the construction of aircraft in the Ukraine.

"We have a list formed, and sent to the Verkhovna Rada and the government, and the national security Council — eliminate 23 companies from the sanctions list and allow "Antonov" work. Only 23 enterprises. This will give a boost. Do not want — stop", — he said.

The author believes that Ukraine needs to complete the program of replacement of Russian components, otherwise the contract with Peru and will fail. However, he noted that the aircraft industry in Ukraine is not enough program of development and support from the state.


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