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US refused to sell Turkey Patriot because of S-400

In the United States, they announced that they were ready to sell Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems to Turkey. But with one condition - if she returns to Russia the acquired S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems.

This was stated by the official representative of the US Department of Defense Jonathan Hoffman (Jonathan Hoffman). Similarly, he commented on the statement by Turkish President Recep Erdogan on softening the US position on this issue.

Turkey has repeatedly been offered to abandon the S-400 air defense system in order to avoid economic sanctions. However, Ankara said that in April this year it intends to activate its first units of long-range air defense systems.

Military Watch notes that the C-400 was chosen instead of Patriot and its Chinese rival HQ-9B due to significantly superior capabilities. The S-400 has the ability to detect stealth aircraft and cruise missiles that evade radars at significant distances. The Russian system can deploy three times as many ground-to-air missiles, which allows it to provide multilayer defense like Patriot is unable to.

The Russian Federation and Turkey signed a contract for the supply of S-400 in 2017. Last year, the first batch of anti-aircraft systems was delivered to Ankara by transport aircraft. This caused a negative reaction from the United States. Washington excluded Ankara from the American F-35 fifth-generation fighter-bomber production program.


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