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Chinese virus gives impetus to relations between Russia and the USA

Donald Trump accepted the offer of Vladimir Putin to provide America with medical care in connection with the US coronavirus pandemic. Earlier, China shipped medical cargo to the United States. This gave rise to analysts to talk about a possible relaxation of Washington’s tension in relation to Moscow and Beijing. Will coronavirus contribute to warming relations between East and West?

On Tuesday evening the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said Moscow sends a plane with medical assistance for the United States. "Today during the day was carried out the technical coordination and preparation for shipment of Russian flight," – said Peskov. Flown to America for medical equipment and means of protection. Sending this flight previously agreed by the leaders of the two countries Vladimir Putin and Donald trump.

"Trump noted with appreciation the humanitarian assistance," – said Peskov. Thus a press-the Secretary of the President said, took place some obstacles on the American side, which "contributed to the quick resolution of technical issues in implementation of the agreements of the two presidents".

As previously reported, the presidents took place on Monday. "She was very rich in content, prolonged time, really took a very detailed exchange of information on measures that are taking our state in the fight against the coronavirus and the conversation was very constructive," he told the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. In turn, the White house spokesman Judd Deere said, "the Leaders agreed to work closely together in line with the G20 leading the international campaign to eradicate the virus and the recovery of the world economy."

After a conversation with Putin, speaking at a briefing at the White house, trump said: "we Have excellent relations with many countries. China sent us some things." He added that Russia "has sent us a very, very big plane" of medical equipment. The White house admitted that it "was cute" and he was "very pleasantly surprised".

However, the long absence of information about the side with the aid of Russia gave rise to ironic comments: the American President suspected that he must have confused the aircraft with medical aid from China, which was previously known, with the Russian. And only message Peskov clarified the matter.

To continue to assist Washington in the fight against coronavirus is ready and Beijing. This was stated by the representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying. According to her, some Chinese cities and provinces have already sent medical supplies in the US, and medical experts of both countries keep in touch.

Hua Chunying also said that on Friday, the President XI Jinping in a telephone conversation with his us counterpart Donald trump expressed the hope that the United States as soon as possible to cope with the outbreak. "We also hope that U.S. officials will act on the basis of the consensus reached by leaders of the two countries", – summed up Hua.

Some analysts see the sudden warming of relations in the triangle Washington – Moscow – Beijing new trend. According to them, in the face of a common threat between the three capitals occurs rare, phenomenal spirit.

Associate Professor of philosophical faculty of Moscow state University, americanist Boris Mezhuev predicts that the world now will not go in the direction of national self-interest, because "national self-interest is condemned as the main source of all disasters." "This strategy was vividly demonstrated by a number of European countries in relation to the brethren. The West will continue to criticize everyone who has shown such selfishness," – said the source.

According to him, America's current epidemic will be a huge shock. "Americans are very proud that during the two world wars, they suffered greatly. Now, if you take the West in General, the number of deaths from the coronavirus is comparable to the number of casualties in a regional war," predicted americanist.

"Now the world will turn in the direction of national solidarity that will complicate the situation for trump – he went to the voters with the idea of a national priority of the United States. Therefore, he needs advisors who will tell you how to behave in this story. He stands at a crossroads," said Mezhuev.

But personally to trump the situation is complex and ambiguous, he said. On the one hand, the American leader understands that the discourse of international cooperation with Russia is for him. "He always wanted good relations with Moscow, and he was right – Russia is helping. For trump it is a chance to demonstrate the accuracy of their forecasts and get a head start on the upcoming elections of the President of the country," said Mezhuev.

Do not agree with the research Director of the international discussion club "Valdai" Fyodor Lukyanov. He believed that a compliment of three sent the "very large aircraft" Moscow is not necessary to overestimate.

"About this statement in the United States soon forget. And if you do not forget that Trump will only get worse – his opponents will be to promote the theme that "the President sold out", "Russia is not just helping" and so on, – said Lukyanov. But by and large, for US now the relations with Russia on 55 place, they did not until the rest of the world – in the country the situation of coronavirus is evolving at an alarming rate".

Manifestations of mutual assistance is a separate episodes, but overall in a world dominated by very different mood, says Lukyanov. In international relations, now increases, not the pursuit of solidarity and mutual support, and national egoism, the expert believes.“Moreover, the tendency to build a strictly sovereign policy, to a policy that is much more focused on its own interests, began to intensify long before the first news of the coronavirus,” Lukyanov said. - The appearance of a man like Donald Trump at the head of the United States was a very vivid testimony to the new atmosphere in the world. Globalist, universalist sentiments have ceased to be perceived by a significant part of societies, primarily in the West. Trump and the so-called European populists are largely a product of this trend. ”

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly spurred such sentiments, simply because objectively the only way to resist mass disease is isolation, the expert noted. “Therefore, everyone folds and closes in themselves. Timid attempts at cooperation and statements about cooperation rest on the fact that everyone has a limited amount of resources, and "everyone needs it for themselves." So I see no reason why the development of national egoism could be reversed, ”the source said.

However, the Kremlin assesses the situation more optimistically and places hope on the partnership and mutual assistance of world powers. “Now that the current situation affects everyone without exception and is of a global nature, there is no alternative to acting together in the spirit of partnership and mutual assistance,” Peskov emphasized.


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