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Van Gogh painting stolen from museum in Netherlands

The robbers entered the quarantined museum in the Netherlands Laren through a broken glass door and stole a picture of Vincent Van Gon. This was reported by NOS Broadcasting Company.

The burglar alarm went off, but the criminals had already left when the police arrived. They took only one picture with them - “Spring Garden”. It depicts the vicar's garden in Nuenen. The work was created in the spring of 1884.

The cost of the painting is not disclosed. It belonged to the Groningen Museum and was Van Gogh's only work. The artist’s works rarely appear on the open market, but are presented in the list of the most expensive art objects ever sold on stocks. The record price for his work was paid at Christie’s auction in New York in 1990. Then the painting “Portrait of Dr. Gachet” was estimated during the auction at 82.5 million dollars.


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