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Second wave: China quarantines cities again

China, which had previously declared victory over the coronavirus, is closing cities again because of fears of a second wave of the epidemic. In particular, the authorities sent to total quarantine one of the areas of Henan province - Jia, where more than 600 thousand people live.

Now the entrance and exit from the district is closed, the movement of public transport and taxi is stopped. Residents were again forbidden to leave home without special permission.

The blockade was announced after asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 were identified in the region.

Earlier, the Chinese authorities were accused of hiding the real extent of the epidemic. Now, Beijing has begun issuing daily reports of new asymptomatic infections. During the day, 35 new infected and 6 deaths were officially registered in the country, it is noted that most of the new cases are imported.

Despite this small, relative to other countries, number, panic is growing in the country due to the fact that the nightmare in Wuhan could happen again. Against this backdrop, China has restricted international flights and tightened border controls to avoid a second outbreak.


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