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Museums and archaeological sites disinfected in Egypt

Egyptian pyramids — one of the most mysterious monuments of cultural and historical significance, inherited we inherited from ancient civilizations. The most famous of the pyramids, the pyramid of Cheops is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Preserved pyramid was built in such a way that each of them had faces on one side of the world — North, South, West or East.

Thoroughly in our days is unknown, by whom, when and for what purpose these were built magnificent buildings. There are many hypotheses, including those that contain point of view that the pyramids were built by Egyptians or by the more ancient peoples, or even of extraterrestrial civilizations. A definite answer to the question of how a symbol of what was the pyramid for the Egyptians also no.

Of course, the Egyptian pyramids, shrouded in this aura of mystique, attracting tourists from all over the world. The flow of tourists at the pyramids of Giza is annually about 15 million people. Besides, Egypt is one of the most popular resorts among tourists thanks to the beautiful coast of the red sea, its lagoons, and diverse underwater wildlife.

Unfortunately, in light of recent events, because of the situation with the spread of the new virus to the world, tourists ceased to visit such a popular place. But the local authorities decided to seize the moment. During the downtime will be a complete disinfection of the museums and almost all the archaeological objects located on the territory of Egypt. And about the pyramids will be carried out only treatment of areas adjacent to the monuments, and the pyramids will not be affected.

Disinfection will be carried out fully in accordance with international safety standards with the use of disinfectant liquids, approved by the Ministry of health of the country.


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