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The most important directions for the development of every successful person

To accomplish business and achieve goals, a person needs a lot of resources: time, physical strength, finance, communication, experience, etc. Their use leads to a deterioration in the condition of a person, their activity, effectiveness and success are reduced. To improve the condition, it is necessary to replenish and develop these resources.

All resources can be divided into 4 groups: physical, intellectual, social and spiritual.

Physical resources

Ensure the physical condition of the human body necessary for optimal efficiency. To maintain a good tone requires the following things:

Proper nutrition. There are many methods that determine what products are useful and which are harmful to health, but uses them quite a few people. Eating unhealthy food leads to diseases of the digestive system, obesity, heart attacks and strokes because cholesterol plaques in blood vessels. The presence of harmful habits (Smoking, alcohol...) also lead to multiple health problems. Therefore, to ensure good health and longevity you need to eat right.

Enough rest. Continuously straining your body from physical exertion have problems with joints and muscles. So you have to give your body a rest. At least need the normal sleep - 8 hours a day, not 4-6. You can switch between jobs with different physical loads, for example, after running a couple of hours at various offices in the office can be a couple of hours to work out the paper work at his Desk.

Exercise. Required for the development of strength, endurance and body flexibility. It's not necessary to go to the gym and hire an experienced coach. Enough to do the exercises at home at least half an hour a day. But most people are self-deceived, claiming that they have "no time for that." They think that it is a useless case and not required to carry out their core responsibilities. But they are wrong, because these things bring long-term results and have a beneficial effect on the body to ensure that it works for a long time.

Not developing the physical resources, people will experience various diseases, which significantly impairs its efficiency.

Intellectual resources

Provide a person with the experience that is necessary to complete tasks, solve problems and achieve goals. Their development begins with learning from childhood: first in kindergarten, then in school, then in various institutions of vocational and higher education. But many people, having received a diploma, stop self-education or do it very rarely. The development of intellectual resources is necessary in order to keep up with progress, to engage in personal development and creative activity to determine and realize one's mission.

At a minimum, a person should regularly read books from the subject area that he likes best, benefits and provides new knowledge to fulfill his professional duties.

The intellectual imagination also refers to intellectual resources. It allows you to simulate situations and new objects, which is necessary for creative activity, the creation of something new in this world and its improvement. The training of imagination allows you to more clearly represent the goal and determine a plan for its achievement, which increases the success of a person.

Spiritual resources

Provide a person with motives and a sense of existence for the implementation of activities, the definition and implementation of his mission. For the development of spiritual resources, a person needs to determine the following aspects of a full life:

- mission - this is the ultimate goal of human development, having achieved which he will have the maximum success and effectiveness to perform creative activities in a specific subject area
- principles are rules that a person independently adheres to when making decisions and interacting with the environment. They are internal laws that help distinguish good from bad.
- values ​​are ideals that help determine the importance and usefulness of human goals
- vocation - these are technologies and tools that a person should use when performing creative activities in order to achieve optimal efficiency
- mission is a person’s action plan that defines how he should realize his mission, using his principles, values ​​and vocation

Spiritual resources form the core that a person holds onto every day and which helps determine the direction for movement.

Social resources

Provide human relations more effectively to achieve goals and solve problems. Interacting with other people, a person can establish such relationships, in which there is a mutually beneficial exchange of experience and capacity - sharing. For example, one person can fix a car, but not able to fix appliances and the other person Vice versa - repairing household appliances, but not versed in cars. Having arisen problems with the TV at first and car second, these people can establish a mutually beneficial relationship and the first will fix the second car, and he will fix the TV.

But keep in mind that everyone perceives the world differently, he has his own principles and values. Because of this, when interactions may have disagreements, conflicts and breakdown of relationships. To avoid such situations you must learn to find mutually beneficial terms that will satisfy both parties. Then it is possible to achieve harmony with all surrounding people and with himself.

Social resources give people the confidence and security of the person, increasing its success. This is achieved by the contributions that person makes to the world: it creates something new, improve existing, making other people happy, helps them achieve goals. The basis for such relationship to the world and the main motive is not gratitude or recognition, and the useful effect of man on his environment.

Developing all these resources is balanced, one achieves such a state, in which all things are executed with optimal efficiency and goals are achieved with optimum success. This allows the person to experience true happiness and achieve harmony with oneself and the surrounding world.


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