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Cases of coronavirus in Austria double

According to the evaluations conducted on Friday, in Austria it was at least twice more novel coronavirus infections than officially reported, with more than three people per 1,000 people contracted the virus in early April.

A study conducted by the SORA Institute, showed that 0.32 percent of the respondents in the first week of April tested positive for the new coronavirus.

SORA said it was the first such study in the EU, to better understand the prevalence of the virus.

The result means that, according to the Institute, around 28 500 of the nearly nine million people in Austria were affected, compared with the official statistics up to 12 200 cases of coronavirus infections during this April week.

SORA said, given the variances in total could suffer from 10 to 200 67 400 people. The study surveyed 1544 man.

"There is an assumption that infected more people than was officially tested ... so far this is consistent with other results", told AFP the founder of the SORA Christoph Hofinger.

The Alpine nation has taken stringent measures to restrict the freedom in mid-March, telling the people to basically stay at home, allowing the stores and pharmacies to remain open and restricting the entry of people into the country.

As the increase in the number of new infections have been smoothed out, the government stated that small stores and garden and home improvement stores may open next week that will be the first step in the gradual easing of the measures.

On Friday, Austria announced 13 400 coronavirus infections with 319 deaths.


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