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Europe returns to normal

Millions of Spaniards filled city transport as they were allowed to return to work. Italian authorities are starting the process of opening stores tomorrow.

After Catholic Easter, the countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic began to gradually restore normal life. Factories and construction sites are opening in Spain, urban transport has begun normal operation. In the subway, police give out masks to everyone.

The authorities decided to allow a certain number of people employed not in "vital industries" to workplaces, which include hospitals, power plants or bakeries, but in other jobs. In total, total hard quarantine lasted two weeks in Spain. Although this weekend a new surge in mortality was recorded in this country, the authorities decided that the complete destruction of the economy could be even more expensive.

In Italy, bookstores, stationary shops, and centers for the sale of children's clothing, among other institutions previously closed, are starting to operate. And although the authorities plan to maintain most of the restrictions until May 1, these are noticeable reliefs, which the Italians are optimistic about. People are tired of being in closed spaces and an endless stream of bad news in the media.

Austria begins a gradual exit from quarantine, divided into several stages. A full restoration of the country's life with the resolution of mass shows is planned in June. Danish authorities on Wednesday open kindergartens and schools. This will allow parents to finally get to work.


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