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Interesting facts about Senegal

1. Senegal's cuisine is considered the best among African countries, which are gradually gaining worldwide popularity.

2. It is in the capital of Senegal that the world famous Paris rally Dakar finishes annually.

3. Senegal is recognized as a country with a young population, because more than half of the citizens have not yet reached the age of 20.

4. In the territory of Senegal, in addition to antelopes, you will no longer meet any large animals, since they were all exterminated.

5. All food in the country is served not on plates, as is customary here, but on special boards with a small hollowed indentation.

6. In 1964, the Great Mosque was erected in Dakar, only Muslims can enter.

7. The national motto of Senegal is: "one people, one goal, one faith."


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