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Jianfei breathing exercises

Inherently Chinese breathing exercises – a complex is very easy and even enjoyable exercise. The approach to performing these exercises should be serious. Gym tsangpa based on the normalization of metabolism, because most people gain weight from improper metabolism. In this case, it helps breathing, it mobilizes the reserves of the organism and the organism begins to work in the right rhythm.

Many who have tried to perform this exercise, breathing exercises, note that it is effective, and the result can be noticed after a week. The person becomes more cheerful, there is a feeling of cheerfulness. To lose weight you need to perform only three main exercises – the "Lotus", "wave" and "frog". However, it should be noted that due to the gym tsangpa disappears or slightly dulled feeling of hunger.

Therefore, together with the exercises it was good to spend fasting days in the diet. Interestingly, exercise not only normalizes the metabolism, and positively affects the internal organs, because while gymnastics is massage of these organs. One of the main benefits of breathing exercises of tsangpa is that you will not require any material costs, because all the exercises can be performed at home without special attributes and clothing.

Then I advise you to read more carefully, because we will tell not only about exercises but also about the rules of their execution.

LOTOS - perfectly relieves fatigue and normalizes the body's metabolism. First, sit on the floor and crossed his legs. Then expand the left hand up and put it on his right hand. After quitting before his stomach on legs. Straighten the back, and the chin and the shoulders drop down a bit, eyes closed, and the tip of the tongue will touch the sky. Then deeply inhale and imagine something pleasant, are in harmony and peace. The first five minutes to breathe deeply and freely, focus on your breathing completely. The next five minutes, breathe as freely as possible, breathing is no longer necessary to control. In the last ten minutes not thinking about breathing at all, need to breathe so, as it is doing in a familiar situation. In fact, the exercise "Lotus" is a meditation, so you need to relax and try to achieve inner harmony.

The frog - speeds up the process of weight loss and calms the nervous system. Take a small chair and sit on it. Next, put the feet at shoulder width, the leg and thigh should form an acute angle. Compress the left hand in a fist and clasps her right hand. Elbows pressed against his knees and rested his forehead in his hand. Close your eyes and relax. Next, breathe in the following way: on the inhale, tense the abdomen, exhale to relax.Do the exercise for 15 minutes, about three times a day.

"Wave" - ​​satisfies the feeling of hunger. To begin with, we lay down on the floor face up, the feet should also lie flat. Bend your legs at a right angle. We lower one palm to the center of the abdomen, and put the second on the chest. On inspiration, we draw in the stomach as much as possible and hold our breath for a couple of seconds. On exhalation, we retract the chest and protrude the stomach. At one time wellness gymnastics, you need to complete forty approaches to this exercise.

In conclusion, I would like to add the following - Jianfei breathing exercises require constant monitoring of breathing and complete relaxation. Approach the exercises comprehensively, and the result will not be long in coming. Lose weight easily and gain inner harmony!


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