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The best food for a healthy bowel

Set your cart at the supermarket may improve the intestines and even protect you from cancer. To maintain intestinal health you need to regularly eat a few foods.

A set of products in your basket when you place supermarket is able to make your intestines more healthy and even protect him from cancer. There are few foods that colon should get every day.

Intestinal health plays a crucial role in the formation of the immune system, protecting you from various diseases provide living intestinal bacteria. The representation of bacteria in the gut depends on what you're eating, any product in the plate can be well or poorly affect the health of the intestine. Bright fruits and vegetables contribute to the prosperity of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Scientists from the University of Connecticut conducted an experiment on mice. The experiment showed that for males daily consumption of walnuts in the amount equivalent to thirty grams for man, contributed to the emergence of diversity in gut flora. The scientists also noted reducing the formation of colon cancer. This study shows that walnuts work as a probiotic, increases the number of beneficial bacteria, providing protection from diseases.

The positive effect of walnuts is due to the presence of vitamin E, fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. But walnuts are not the only product that provides intestinal health. For intestinal healthy foods of two categories: probiotics and prebiotics, they support a healthy balance of bacteria. There are several delicious ways to support the gut.

Prebiotic products

Prebiotics are foods that support gut flora living in the gut bacteria use them for food.

The best types of prebiotics is:

Onions – will be useful for the intestines if consumed in any form, so feel free to add it wherever appropriate;

Asparagus – this valuable product is perceived by the bacteria of the intestine, asparagus will benefit the gut flora and in fresh and pickled;

The whole grain foods – the best food for beneficial intestinal bacteria, if you replace the normal flour products to whole grain, the condition of the intestines and your health will improve noticeably.

Probiotic products

These products make up for the lack of bacteria in the intestines, creating a variety of healthy flora.

Probiotics are very important not only for digestion but for the whole of digestion, they also contribute to weight loss.

The best probiotics are:

Yogurt - any natural yogurt with living organisms will be useful to replenish the intestinal flora, the more living cultures in yogurt - the better;

Kimchi - this product of Korean cuisine is not only ideal for rice and salads, but also improves intestinal function by increasing the number of beneficial bacteria;

Kefir - the habit of drinking kefir makes digestion healthy, and a person truly happy. Daily well-being is very dependent on the state of the intestine, kefir contains not only live bacterial cultures, but also beneficial yeast.

From these lists it becomes clear that it is possible to provide the intestines with a healthy diet without unnecessary difficulties and high costs. Feeling sick and many dangerous diseases begin precisely in the intestines, so everyone needs to think about maintaining a healthy flora.


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