The death toll from coronavirus in France is declining for the second day in a row | TELNEWS

The death toll from coronavirus in France is declining for the second day in a row

French health authorities on Sunday reported a reduction in mortality from coronavirus from 643 on Saturday to 561, as the number of people in intensive care units also decreased.

On Sunday, the French Ministry of Health reported that 561 new deaths were registered in the country, 315 in its hospitals and 246 in nursing homes.

Thus, the total number of victims of Covid-19 reached 14,393, of which 9,253 in hospitals and 5,140 in nursing homes and nursing homes.

In recent weeks, the death toll over the weekend only increases again next Monday.

The number of people transferred to intensive care over the past 24 hours was 220, compared with 255 who were discharged after recovery.

Despite the fact that in France there has been a decrease in the death toll for two consecutive days, and the balance is in favor of recovering compared to the last four days, the country's health ministry acknowledged that "this is a very slight decrease."

“The impact of this disease on our hospitals is still serious,” their statement said.

Another 1688 people were hospitalized, bringing the total number of Covid-19 patients receiving treatment to 31,826.

Of these, 6845 patients are in serious condition and need constant care in intensive care.

According to Santé Publique, France has reported 95,403 cases of Covid-19 since the onset of the outbreak.

The number of people in France who have so far recovered is 27,186.


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