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The new “honest” president. How corruption swallowed Zelensky’s team

Around President Vladimir Zelensky, his former and current associates of ignite corruption scandals. The team that went to the polls under the slogan "Spring will come — will be planted!", was very similar to its predecessors. The newly appointed attorney General Irina Venediktova not only not in a hurry "to put" former President Poroshenko, but also herself involved in murky schemes, according to her former ally.

The new Prosecutor, old problems

The fight against corruption, the trial of Poroshenko and his entourage was the leitmotif of the campaign, Vladimir Zelensky. At the debate he threw in the face of an opponent: "I am your death sentence!" And after the change of power many expected results of investigation of resonant Affairs. But Poroshenko was elected to Parliament, he received parliamentary immunity and strongly demonstrated its invulnerability.

New hopes have arisen after the appointment of Irina Venediktova head of the state Bureau of investigation (UIR), and then the attorney General. She strongly criticized the previous attorney General Ruslan Ryaboshapka here for the lack of progress in high-profile criminal cases.

It was considered an ally of lawyer Andriy Portnov, former adviser to ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych demanding to send Clinton to jail. The journalist Roman Tchaikovsky commented: "the Appointment Venediktova expected. This increased the "tailor's flank" in the ranks of presidential power ("Servants of the people". — Ed.)."

But time passed, and the criminal case against Poroshenko did not move. Another journalist, Volodymyr Boyko, sneered: "Today (7 APR. — Ed.) is twenty the first day as the attorney-General Irina Venediktova is investigating reports of suspicions concerning the people's Deputy of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which Irina Valentinovna, as acting Director of the State Bureau of investigation, sent to the office of the attorney General". Boyko reminded that the head of the Supervisory Department is not in a hurry to fulfill even those procedural actions that have prescribed to myself, being on another post.

Portnow went on the attack — now on Venediktov. "We started to document all illegal actions Iryna Venediktova in competitions in RRG", — he wrote on the social network. And said that the attorney General has a "looking for business", a Dmitry Litkevich. "The defendant is responsible for income and fees and now, without any official status participates in key meetings of the General Prosecutor," — said Portnow. He hinted that the new head of the Supervisory authority of Ukraine does not shy away from "schemes".

The scandals around the President

However, Zelensky has long been impossible to fulfill election promises about "spring planting". The country quarantined, which is somewhat smeared and corruption scandal involving himself Zelensky. In late March, the President's opponents spread information from Naciente on combating corruption, which they in turn received from the office of the President. It turned out that the flight from Oman, where Zelensky visited a secret vacation, paid for by the government of the Sultanate.

It was unpleasant not so much with law as with the image point of view. Because informed by the former head of the administration Zelensky Andrey Bogdan said the head of state flew to Oman in personal funds. From there Zelensky allegedly took place "meetings at the highest level," justified the President's office.

At the end of March was another scandal. MP from "public Servants" geo Leros has published a video, where man, like the brother of the head of the office of the President Andriy Yermak Denis, and discussed with some officials of the appointments. Including the promotion of any "beautiful girls" in the armchair of the head "of Wasexposed". Denis Ermak admitted that the video was exactly it.

A complete reversal

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the "Opposition platform For life," Ilya Kiva sees nothing surprising in the recent scandals. "This non-viable organism ("servant of the people". — Ed.) lasted a year on the wave of euphoria from the victory over the marauding regime Poroshenko. But the dust settled, there were disputes has become a mechanism get out of order and collapse," he says.

"They are not that there is no future, they have already present — continues to Kiva. Is the project one-day, which finishes the existence. We witnessed the showdown in the so-called monopolist. We will soon see a number of revelations, but in the end everything goes to shit".

Venediktov, according to the Deputy, the attorney General had "turned 180 degrees". "It performs the same mission as its predecessor Ruslan riaboshapka. But the story Venediktova will be even shorter than the whole project "green". Wait for the revelations and scandals, as she has sat on cash flow, and start carving. I think it will soon be removed," says Kiva.

A former aide to member of Parliament, who asked not to be named, claims that Portnow really promoted Venediktov to the post of attorney General. "He was hoping she would do what she says. And she fell under "sorozat". Those stupid to offer money here and now. And people Zelensky sold for a penny. This is his main personnel problem: all can be bought cheaply," explains the source.

The Deputy of Parliament of the previous convocation Igor Mosiychuk believes that Portnov and Venediktova conflict on a "personal level, unrelated to corruption.""And in the case of Ermakami, it was a special operation, Andrei Ermak’s brother Denis - as it were, to put it mildly ... - is prone to scams and similar behavior, so he got caught," the politician says.

Kiev lawyer Tatyana Montyan recalls that "at one time, Portnov so" drowned "for Venediktov that the gills were visible." “Nobody will plant Petya anywhere. That was clear from the start. And now they (Servants of the People. - Ed.) Have already voted with the party Poroshenko (for laws on opening the land market and banking. - Approx.) The Greens have long merged with Poroshenko in ecstasy, but Portnov continues to idiot that he will put Poroshenko, "she notes.

"The coronavirus is killing an unfortunate country, and there will be more scandals. The fall of Zelensky’s rating is completely unimportant. Quarantine is important and there will be nothing to eat soon. You should expect nothing more from this power than looting. A new" little beggar "will appear for the elections (character Zelensky in the series “Servant of the People”, honest president Goloborodko. - Approx.), Fools will vote. And now in power they will steal a little under Zelensky, then - under somebody else, nothing complicated, ”concludes Montyan.


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