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Mont Saint Michel. The famous island is empty

A lonely island-fortress, located on the north-west coast of France, turns into a ghost town. Every year, a harsh monastery with impregnable walls received more than 3 million tourists. Now on the island there are only four dozen people. Due to the pandemic, all tourists and workers left, only local residents remained.

The medieval fairytale city with tiny winding streets of Mont-Saint-Michel invariably impresses travelers.

Mont Saint-Michel (fr. Mont Saint-Michel) - a small rocky island, turned into a fortified island, on the north-west coast of France. The island is the only inhabited of the three granite formations of the bay of Saint-Michel. The city on the island has existed since 709. The island is located 285 km west of Paris.

UNESCO in 1979 listed Mont Saint-Michel on the list of World Heritage Sites, and guidebooks proudly refer to the unique world landmark as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”


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