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Vietnam quits nationwide quarantine

The authorities of Vietnam decided from today, April 23, 2020, to abolish the restrictive measures that were introduced to combat coronavirus infection. Quarantine throughout the country was introduced from 2020/04/01.

According to local media, citing a statement by the Prime Minister of Vietnam, the outbreak was prevented by the introduction of a number of tough measures, the main among which was social distance.

Now schools, restaurants, cafes and shops will resume their work in the country. According to the country's leadership, domestic flights will also be resumed.

However, Vietnamese citizens are still obligated to observe all necessary precautions - to wear masks, to avoid large crowds and to maintain social distance.

In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, restrictions will still apply, since there are regions with a high degree of risk. In these cities, quarantine lasts until 2020/30/04.


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