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Jaipur City (India) – sightseeing tour

Jaipur — capital of Rajasthan state. The city is famous for its rich history, culture and deep traditions. No state in India can match with Rajastan the number of historical monuments, magnificent palaces and FORTS. Jaipur has a beautiful second name — "pink city", as in 1727 when the construction was mainly stone pink.

The climate is tropical in Jaipur. Rivers are the Banas and Bangage. In summer the temperature rises to 45°C. in Winter, the approximate temperature of +20°C. Therefore, winter is the best time for tourists.

The main reason to visit this wonderful city is sightseeing and in a comfortable stay.

Sightseeing Of Jaipur

The Palace complex

The main attraction of Jaipur — the Palace complex, which includes a gorgeous building made of marble, decorated with carved elements, splendid halls and gardens, harmoniously combining the dense thickets and English parks.

Once the Palace was the Royal holidays and important techniques. Now its halls are museums, where the entire Indian culture, ranging from various articles of ivory, ending with the collection of the Royal rifles. Basically all the exhibits of pure gold, decorated with precious stones. In the so-called hall of Audience presented a large collection of silver ritual urns.

The Palace contains a large library of rare ancient books.

Quite interesting is the fact that the Palace still lives the Royal family, only parts of it.

The Palace Of Winds

Following the popular Palace — the Palace of Winds. It was built with the aim to place the Raja's harem. So all the Windows are hidden behind beautiful grids. When the cold winds blow, fall through the grating. In the result, we hear bizarre sounds. It is for this reason that the Palace has such a name.

The Fortress Of Amber

For tourists the fortress of amber makes an indelible impression. It looks ugly, but inside hides a lot of interesting things — ancient frescos on the walls, painted, decorated with precious stones, amazing mirrors and many more.

The Fort houses the marble hall, which render habitable the wild monkeys. Nearby is the temple of the goddess Kali.

Observatories Jantar Mantar

In addition to three dozen of the palaces of Jaipur city is famous for the Jantar Mantar. He holds many stone tools made thousands of years ago. It is noteworthy that many instruments are still suitable for measurements.

In Jaipur many places, visiting at least once, will remain forever impressed.These include Fort Nahargar, Motisons Tower, Galtaji Temple Complex and Kanak Vrindavan.

Tired of busy city tours, you can relax in the cool gardens that are located near Jaipur. One of them is the garden of Sisodia. Next to it is a chic vineyard.

In March, the city hosts a colorful elephant festival. This festival was revived not so long ago. Residents and guests of Jaipur can enjoy various elephant shows.

Jaipur consists of whole bazaar labyrinths, which are strewn with souvenirs, products, jewelry, clothes and fruits. Here, modernity and ancient traditions are closely intertwined.

For tourists, Jaipur cordially opens the doors to many luxury hotels equipped with swimming pools, bars, restaurants, gyms, massage rooms and playrooms for children.

Jaipur is a truly paradise corner of the Earth, which I really want to return to.


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