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Yoga for the strong in spirit. No entry for women

If you organize the classes correctly, yoga can be a great addition to strength training, as well as an independent practice that will literally remake your body.

There is a misconception that yoga is a popular female hobby for developing flexibility. However, this powerful practice was created by men and exclusively for men; it requires great willpower and self-discipline.

Why yoga for men?

The main bonuses of yoga for the life of a modern person are not flexibility or even enlightenment at all.

Strength and Stamina Development

Static retention of yoga asanas helps to strengthen muscles, improves their relief. Asanas include the whole body in the work, so you have to work even on those muscles that are rarely used in ordinary life or during the usual workouts.

Improved coordination

Йога для сильных духом. Женщинам вход воспрещён, изображение №2

Dynamic ligaments and transitions train coordination, i.e. the ability of different segments of the body to work harmoniously. This skill is much more useful in everyday life than isolated training of target zones in the gym. In the process of doing yoga, muscles that you did not know about before are suddenly discovered, they were simply disconnected from the motor chain “as unnecessary”. A new unusual load returns their tone, they turn on and help the body work more efficiently.

Nervous system training

It is she who controls the work of muscles. The variety of motor load that yoga offers makes the signals of the nervous system to the muscles much more accurate, a kind of calibration takes place. This is an invaluable bonus. Whatever you do besides yoga - working with weights in the gym, skiing, swimming, running - the technique will improve as the proprioceptive sensitivity of the muscles increases. And with it - and the effectiveness of training.

Respiratory training

Йога для сильных духом. Женщинам вход воспрещён, изображение №3

By coordinating movement and breathing while performing asanas, as well as with the help of special breathing and cleansing practices, you will not only increase the capacity of your lungs, but also provide an oxygen supply to all vital organs, including the brain. This significantly increases their productivity.

Stress resistance

The practice of yoga requires concentration: you have to follow the detuning of asanas, observe all movement vectors, control breathing. These tasks occupy the entire RAM of the brain, crowding out everyday worries and obsessive thoughts. As a result, after practice, there remains a feeling of calm, a pleasant silence of the mind. Paradoxically, after intense practice, you tend to feel rested.

Will training

The practice of yoga is a volitional act. Before the lessons become a habit, you will have to overcome internal resistance, fatigue, laziness, disappointment, etc. more than once. Will is like a muscle: it works great with regular exertion. Overcoming the usual resistance, you can not only be proud of your stamina, but also begin to spend much less psyche resources on solving not the most pleasant tasks at work and in everyday life.

How is yoga different from fitness?

Both fitness and yoga involve physical activity, muscle strengthening, training of all body systems. However, completely different approaches are used for this.

Йога для сильных духом. Женщинам вход воспрещён, изображение №4

In fitness, there are many directions depending on the target zone and the desired result: for power training - power lifting, for weight loss - cycling, for tone and mood - zumba, etc. Yoga - the practice is so voluminous that it works immediately with everyone aspects: strength, flexibility, body tone and even state of mind. And for this it is not necessary to use any additional devices, you only need a mat for classes, and even then it is not necessary.

The main difference between yoga is the effect on the state of mind. You do not need to sing mantras, meditate in a cave or give up meat, if there is no such desire. Just working with the body and re-building relationships with it, you affect the state of the nervous system, and therefore the brain. Once you simply notice that you become less irritated, sleep better, it is easier to make important decisions based on yourself, and not on external authorities. This is a completely different quality of life.

Йога для сильных духом. Женщинам вход воспрещён, изображение №5

Where to begin?

The most obvious solution is to find a yoga studio with a convenient location and mode of operation, sign up for an individual or group lesson. If this is not possible, you can do it at home, but it is important to choose the right educational resources.

Practicing random videos on the Internet is inefficient. Yoga is a complete and deep system, so sporadic lessons or individual asanas will always be taken out of context. An equally important aspect of the progressive progress in yoga is the availability of a competent mentor who will ensure a phased entry into practice without harm to health.

From this point of view, it is much more efficient to engage not in fragmented videos, but in a specially developed program that optimally combines theory and practice. You study theoretical aspects and immediately practice them in practice.


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