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Amazon – you didn’t know that!

1. This river is the largest on the planet.

2. For a day, the river brings about 19 cubic km of water into the ocean (this amount is enough to provide New York with water for the next 12 years.

3. Along this large river, about 800 species of palm trees grow.

4. The Amazon River originates in Peru, from a small spring located on Mount Keyuich.

5. Forests surrounding the Amazon produce about 20% of the planet’s total oxygen.

6. Once, a very long time ago, the Amazon flowed not into the Atlantic Ocean, but into the Pacific.

7. The approximate age of the river is 9,000,000 years.

8. Since 2011, the Amazon has been recognized 1 of 7 natural wonders of the world.

9. To this day, in the Amazon jungle you can meet primitive tribes that are in no way connected with civilization.

10. The Amazon basin is approximately equal in area to Australia.


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