Maldives intend to receive foreign tourists this summer | TELNEWS

Maldives intend to receive foreign tourists this summer

The authorities of the Maldives intend to open the islands to foreign visitors this summer, but at the same time several options are being considered to restore international tourism.

According to the head of the Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives, in the best scenario, resorts will be able to receive tourists from abroad no earlier than June-July. The most likely option is to open the borders in July, thanks to which it will be possible to prepare for the traditional tourist season, which starts traditionally in October. In the worst case, the Maldives will begin to receive guests from foreign countries only in January 2021.

One way or another, both tourism officials and tourists will need to strictly observe a number of conditions. To date, the issue of the need for 14-day quarantine or providing a certificate of the absence of coronavirus is being decided.


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