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Minecraft built the largest and most realistic city

The scale is met 1: 1, and anyone can download the city.

Minecraft players have always been ambitious, and they never cease to amaze us with their realistic creations in a game that mainly consists of blocks. Minecraft probably exceeded the wildest expectations of the creators.

Discover the city of Greenfield, which is the largest city in Minecraft. Its construction began in August 2011. Just a few days ago, Reddit user @NJDaeger shared the latest update for their city of Greenfield. The city was built using a scale of 1: 1, which means that 1 block is equal to 1 cubic meter, and built so that you feel like walking around a real city.

And it really is like a real city with its high skyscrapers, rich suburbs, factories, ports, city communications, highways, railways and subways.

In addition, the card is filled with little secrets and Easter eggs. The amount of detail and work is simply amazing. The city is built to the smallest detail. While you are at home during quarantine, you can take a walk around this virtual city without a coronavirus, and have fun while admiring the details that surround you.


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