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Qatar fears accepting foreign nationals

According to the Qatar authorities, in the next few months, the country does not intend to open its borders to foreign visitors.

As of today, it is known that from the beginning of August this year only those citizens who have a residence permit in Qatar can enter the country and provided that at the moment they are in countries where the prevalence of coronavirus is characterized as low . After September 15, 2020, Qatar plans to abolish the mandatory 14-day quarantine for all citizens who arrive in the country.

Today, all citizens who arrive in Qatar are required to comply with quarantine measures, including 14 days of isolation. As noted, a self-isolation regime can be carried out both in a five-star hotel and in the most economical places of accommodation. It is also worth noting that a stay in a three-star hotel, subject to three meals a day, will cost about $ 1,000.

It will not be possible for guests to leave their rooms or use the entertainment services of the complexes - pools, gyms or spa complexes. The health status of all guests will be checked by doctors. In addition, coronavirus infection testing will be conducted several times.

Epidemiological situation

According to the most recent data, 92 784 cases of coronavirus infection have been officially registered in Qatar. More than 76,072 patients recovered safely and were discharged from hospitals. Over the past day, the number of cases has increased by 946 people.


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