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Holidays in Slovakia – the main attractions

Slovakia is located in the heart of Europe and can rightfully be considered its heart. Next to mountain peaks, you can see several thermal springs, underground caves and valleys with fertile land. If you decide to spend your holiday in Slovakia, it is better to do in the summer.

Although Slovakia and a small area of the country, it is unique and for tourists who love to travel, and for fans to just relax. Slovakia is a magnificent waterfalls and curative thermal springs, excellent mountain air and the Tatra mountains.

Winter in Slovakia to go skiing. The country has many ski resorts. Always a lot of tourists coming to the city of štrbské Pleso, which is located on the coast of the stunningly beautiful lake.

In Slovakia there is something to see. You can go to the Demanovska Dolina valley, where the beautiful caves, to see flashes of rainbow-shrouded waterfalls with clear water, ride in the mountain rivers. It offers guests 200 different tourist centers.

Perhaps the most beautiful castles in Slovakia can be considered Bojnice castle. In the Abbey of Zobor, there are documents that mention that the castle in 1113 already existed. This is a very beautiful castle and it is often removed fantastic and historical films. Another huge in size, the castle is the Castle of Spis. It stands on the top of the Tuff mountain peaks at an altitude of 800 m. the castle was an impregnable fortification.

Sure to visit the Bratislava castle. During the war the castle was badly damaged, but today it is almost restored and it houses different Museum exhibition, exhibited a collection of ancient coins, weapons, household items telling about the history of the country.

Devin Slovaks considered to be a legendary place. Until 1809 it was the impressive size of the castle. But, Napoleon's army destroyed it completely, having left descendants ruins.

Dobšinská ice cave is considered the largest ice cave in the world. It has a length of 1483 m and an area of 9772 sq. m.

But, the main attraction of Slovakia can be considered the Tatra mountains. If you find yourself in the mountains, you will impress all, from the shimmering of light on the peaks, the white mountains and pristine uncontaminated area.

Visit in the National Park, which is surrounded by mountains and Slovak Paradise. The Park is unique and its canyons, mighty cliffs, thunderous waterfalls and lush greenery in the valleys and on the mountain slopes.

Vacationers can go skiing, play tennis, ride one of the rollers or to ride the mountains. If you want to go diving, it offers rentals.


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