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Holidays in the Mediterranean – popular resorts and beaches

Mediterranean sea – a Paradise for vacationers! The Jews spoke of him "Great", the Turks called "White", the Babylonians believed "the Sea of sunset." The ancient writer Gaius Julius Solin called it "Sea in the midst of the earth." The coastline includes 22 States. The territory located between three continents: Asian, African, European.

Every season weather attracts tourists: often warm sun, but no exhausting heat. On summer days over the sea is dominated by anticyclone, which provides a clear weather. In winter it rains, overcast and strong winds. The warmest water in tel Aviv, Netanya, Antalya, Limassol, Larnaca (+27). Cool are Barcelona, Malaga and Athens (+22).

Places to stay the popular well-built infrastructure, great service, historical tours and Museum pavilions. Many travelers prefer not littered with people beaches and quiet fishing villages where you can retire and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The best are Turkish, Greek, Albanian, Spanish, French, Italian, Israeli tourism, etc.

In Greece there is a quiet beautiful resort island of Corfu. The length of the coast – 200 miles of sandy beaches, olive and citrus orchards, tall cypresses. Here you can see the medieval buildings. The sea in places shallow, the water is clean and clear. The most preferred destinations in Greece: the resort of Crete and Halkidiki, ideal for a family holiday. On Crete, the largest Greek island, the tourism industry is better developed than on the other Islands. Over two million tourists visit this wonderful place every year, mostly Europeans. Halkidiki – part of historic Macedonia, which on the surface are pine forests and oak groves. Here developed the yachting, surfing, casino, Golf.

Israel in the summer the sea is warm, the water temperature is + 26 and even higher. The main resorts located along the coast with a length of 200 km. the Most well-known resorts in Netanya, tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Haifa, Ashdod. Local residents believe that it is best to entertain families on the sandy beaches of tel Aviv to the North. In Haifa, the tourists will appreciate comfort and European service. There are a lot of cultural programs. The local inhabitants offer to taste dishes of Jewish cuisine. You can get here by train, the travel time is 1H 25 min. For Russians, Israel grants visa-free regime for a period of 3 months. In Netanya, the beaches are open year-round, you can swim in April. The coastline length of 13 km away. the Sand is Golden, soft, hot. Among entertainment Hobbies developed yachting, parasailing, Windsurfing, sports games.Tourists stroll along the promenade, visit museums, parks, a riding school.

In Turkey, the air temperature reaches +30, even +36, the water warms up to +25. Marmaris resort is located on the borders of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, in a bay with elevated mountains and beautiful pine forests. The harbor is covered by the island from the open sea. Therefore, here you can go water skiing, motorboats, sailing yachts. On the coast there are many restaurants, clubs, entertainment venues. This resort is more suitable for active young people. Among the attractions you can distinguish the ancient Ottoman fortress, “moving fountains”, the dolphinarium and the Atlantis water park. Kemer Tourist Center is 45 km from Antalya. The shore stretches for 60 km. The sea is transparent and warm, pebble beaches. There are many options for renting affordable housing: boarding houses, guest houses, health resorts. The town is suitable for budget travelers. Belek resort is considered expensive and comfortable, 36 km from Antalya. Eucalyptus and cedar grow here. You can go diving, windsurfing, paragliding, playing golf. The service is quite elite and expensive.

If the long-awaited vacation time is nearing, you need to quickly determine the place of travel. More than 100 million people annually relax in the wonderful resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. Everyone can choose what they like!


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