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How to live successfully: 8 rules

Rule 1. The world is not hostile and not good

It is how we perceive it. All our failures and problems – only in ourselves. We often just exaggerate and blow up everything.

Rule 2. Take charge of your life

No one in this world should not. Do not rely on someone else's uncle. No one except you not take care of you. But on the other hand, agree much more interesting to watch how your actions affect your life.

Rule 3. Exit the cell

Cage is not outside of us, we are unable to get out of it because it is inside our heads. Discard the blinders, step out of the cage, look at the world with open eyes. You can reach just what you want. And it is only your desire. The only thing that does not need to move after the first failure.

Rule 4. The law of sine

In life there will always be more successful periods and less successful periods. Plus and minus depends on your perception of an event. After the recession will always rise. So on average, you can always get plus.

Rule 5. To many and all, not easy

For the objective reasons. Focus on gradual increase in income. A good example of a goal to double current income.

Rule 6. Your current state is the result of YOUR previous actions

The law of cause and effect has not been canceled. So think what you need to do now, what would tomorrow, this was the result others?

Rule 7. To have goals in life

Without having goals don't come. Every day, look at how much you moved closer to your goal today? Monitor progress.

Rule 8. To do not only the work that you like

Who are successful people? It's ordinary people who do the work that they do not like. Losers love only cream to remove, but nothing I can do.


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