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Montenegro: Coronavirus control measures tightened again!

From July 01, 2020, the Montenegrin authorities again introduced a number of restrictive measures in connection with the increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus infection in the country.

Thus, bans on private celebrations, such as weddings, graduations, etc., have been introduced throughout the country. Also closed nightclubs and discos. In Rožaj, where an outbreak of the incidence of the COVID-19 virus was recorded, authorities introduced a ban on the entry and exit of vehicles from the municipality, restaurants and cafes were closed for an indefinite period.

All residents of Montenegro and visiting tourists must wear protective masks in public transport and public places. The police will monitor compliance with the measures taken.

Note that earlier Montenegro had the status of a country free of coronavirus. However, to date, 249 cases of virus infection have been recorded here, and since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of cases amounted to 576, 12 patients have died.


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