Belgrade reintroduces emergency due to coronavirus outbreak | TELNEWS

Belgrade reintroduces emergency due to coronavirus outbreak

According to Radio Liberty, from July 3, 2020, the state of emergency is again operating in the capital of Serbia (Belgrade) due to the increase in new cases of coronavirus infection.

Among the restrictive measures that are introduced repeatedly are the mandatory wearing of protective masks in enclosed spaces, public places and in public transport. Violators will be fined.

Restaurants and clubs have the right to work until 11:00 pm The number of participants in mass events of the country's authorities limited to 100 people indoors and 500 in the open.

As noted, most (more than 80%) of new cases of infection with the COVID-19 virus were recorded in Belgrade and its environs. In the capital of Serbia, 1/3 of the total population of the country lives (the total number of inhabitants of Serbia is approximately 7,000,000).


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