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A list of tasks that successful people manage to do before lunch

If you want to become more successful and healthy, try to adjust your work schedule so that these 12 things were done before lunch:

1. Make a list of tasks for the day the night before.
Do not rush and do the tasks for the day in the morning or during the start of the day. Better plan your work day in the evening. This will not only allow calmly think things through, but going to sleep at night.

2. Get enough sleep.
Lack of sleep affects performance and concentration. As well the constant lack of sleep lead to delays and unnecessary stress at work. Most people adequate sleep is necessary not less than eight hours.

3. No "10 More minutes"!
Very easy to transfer the alarm clock in the morning for 10 minutes, then another... another... and eventually lose an hour. Moreover, these short periods of sleep cannot be considered effective. Anyone can be a "Lark." Set your alarm early and Wake up on the first(!) call. At first it will be difficult, but after a few weeks you will be able to adjust itself to the desired mode.

4. Exercise.
Those who commit active physical activities in the daytime, often demonstrate a sharp mind and have more patience.

5. Adopt a morning ritual.
No matter what it is: coffee, charging, viewing mail... important that you have quiet time that you can spend alone.

6. Eat Breakfast.
A good Breakfast energizes you after a long night. Cook yourself a healthy Breakfast and avoid heavy foods for which processing and leave all your energy.

7. Come to the office on time.
If you follow the other rules of successful people, then work will be easy invigorating walk, not a race with obstacles.

8. Compare your goals with superiors or subordinates.
We all know the saying that a chain is strong as its weakest link. Don't forget that you are working in a team, and to be sure that you are moving in the right direction, discuss goals and priorities with their colleagues.

9. Start with the most difficult tasks.
Do not put off tasks that bother you at the end of the day. It is better to start with them, so they are not hanging gloomy clouds all day.

10. Avoid morning meetings.
Morning time is the most productive, and it would be stupid to waste on meetings that you can defer to the second half of the day.

11. Make time to check messages.
Stop constantly checking your email. Better to allocate extra time in order not to be distracted throughout the day. If you are worried that customers won't get answers fast enough, I check email every hour, but not often.

12. Take a lunch break.
Allow yourself to be distracted and walk. You can even log in to their social. network to send multiple messages is a good thing. The main thing is not to abuse it and try not to read your newsfeed until the very end.


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