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Barbados invited remotely working foreigners to move to the island for a year

Government of Barbados, eager again to attract tourists after the pandemic plan to introduce a new program for working remotely foreigners, according to CNBC.

According to Prime Minister MIA Mottli, the government wants to allow these travelers without a break to stay on the island for 12 months, during which they will be able to work remotely for their companies. "You don't have to work in Europe, USA or Latin America, if you can come here and work for several months," said the Prime Minister.

She added that the new program will allow people to work abroad and not remain in the countries where they are now. To attract tourists the government needs to offer them the level of "world class," said Mottli. The fact that Barbados offers now to the bar, said the Prime Minister.

Tourism directly accounts for 12% of GDP of Barbados and indirectly 40% of the economic activity of the country, follows from the data of the Barbados Association of hotels and tourism. In addition, tourism is the largest source of jobs in the private sector of the island nation.

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, Barbados were registered 98 cases of coronavirus. Died from the infection to seven persons. Now, the government has lifted some of the restrictions, including lifted the curfew. The country retains the requirement for compliance with social distance. Allowed to hold mass events for up to 500 people. In addition, spectators are permitted to attend sporting events. Open borders for foreigners Barbados intends on 12 July.


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