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Ranking of the best small towns and villages in Europe

According to the popular publication The Travel, the travel experts have recently compiled a rating of the best small cities and settlements in Europe.

The experts compiled this list with the expectation of reminding travelers that there are a huge number of interesting towns and villages near them that are worthy of a traveler's eye. In addition, the publication's specialists aimed to demonstrate to tourists the importance of recreation in uncrowded places, secluded villages in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, the first place in the list is taken by Castelluccio di Norcia, located in the mountainous regions of the Monti Sibellini National Park (Umbria, Italy). The area is known for its flowering fields during the summer.

The second place was awarded by experts to Kastraki (Greece) - a village from which it is easy to get to the popular Meteora rocks. In third place is Vernazza (Italy) - a small town in the province of La Spezia, which is located in the Cinque Terre National Park.

In addition, the TOP-5 includes the village of Asos (the Greek island of Kefalonia), Isafjordur (Iceland) on the bank of the Skutulfjord.


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