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A wave of brutal murders hits Turkey

Turkey is shocked by yet another ruthless murder of a 27-year-old student from the city of Mugla, Pinar Gultekin. She became the 146th woman killed this year by relatives or acquaintances. Last year there were 474 such cases. Rallies were held across the country against the government, which, according to local residents, supports patriarchal structures in society. They took place in Istanbul, Ankara, Mugla, and in Izmir there were clashes with the police. The famous Turkish singer Tarkan also supported the protest.

Pinar Gultekin had a relationship with a secured manager of one of the restaurants in the Aegean resort. The media do not report what caused the crime. It is known that after the murder, the man tried to burn the corpse of a student in the forest, and when he failed, he cut the body, put it in a metal barrel, filled it with gasoline and burned it. After the remains were filled with cement.

And there are many similar cases described in the Turkish media. Thus, Filiz Tekin in Izmir was brutally beaten by her drunken husband because, in his opinion, she looked bad. After that, she died for eight days in her home, but her husband did not call doctors.

Sul Chet, 23, from Ankara, was raped right in the office by her boss and his other subordinates after drinking alcohol. After that, the men threw her from the 17th floor and declared that she had committed suicide. The girl's relatives obtained an examination, which found that the neck of the deceased had been broken before the fall. Nevertheless, experts at the trial stated that there was no rape, but there was sex by mutual consent, since the deceased herself decided to drink alcohol with men in a secluded place, and after the prosecution demanded a suspended sentence and a fine for the accused, throughout the country began spontaneous rallies. As a result, the courts lasted six months. In December 2019, the boss received a life sentence, and his subordinate received 19 years in prison.

The murders of women take place not only in offices, private houses and apartments, but also in crowded places in the middle of the day. In Kyrykkale, Emine Bulut, her ex-husband cut his throat right in a cafe, in the presence of his daughter. At the trial, he explained that his ex-wife insulted him. Rallies were held again, and after the press secretary of the Turkish president said that the most serious possible punishment was expected, the killer received a life sentence in August 2019.

However, murderers do not always meet with condemnation of their actions. In August 2019, a man was tried in the city of Konya for inflicting 20 fatal stabs with a knife on his 37-year-old wife for filing for divorce and complaining of constant beatings. When asked in the courtroom if he regretted what had happened, he replied:

"Is there any regret when it comes to honor?"

Those present greeted these words with a storm of applause, jumped up and tried to carry the accused out of the hall in their arms. Only the quick arrival of a special police unit prevented his spontaneous release.

Women’s recourse to law enforcement in Turkey often leads to the opposite of what was expected. The Cumhuriyet newspaper told about 40-year-old Sevtap Shahin, who escaped from her husband's beatings and filed 60 complaints with the police demanding that he be prohibited from approaching her. Only in June 2020, the man was finally handed an official ban, but after that he strangled his wife in a rage. The killer is now awaiting a court decision.

Karar tells the story of Fatma Altınmakas, a mother of six children, from Mush district in eastern Turkey. On June 12 this year, she filed a complaint with the police against her husband's brother, who repeatedly raped and intimidated her. On the same day, the man was arrested, but released on June 14. Fatme Altınmakas's husband, having learned about the incident, said that his wife dishonored the family and shot her.

And 78-year-old Istanbul resident Bilal Aksakal stabbed his 74-year-old wife Esme Aksakal in 2019 because she constantly communicated on the Internet with men from Germany. In his opinion, in this way she broke the oath of eternal loyalty given to him. The newspaper "Huriyet", which described this case, believes that the killer will receive a suspended sentence, since he repented of his deed and has a clean court file. Pay attention to his advanced age.

These are just some of the cases that occurred in 2019-2020, since it is impossible to tell about hundreds of such murders in one article. Moreover, many Turkish journalists are sure that in fact there are more such cases, since some of them can be hidden by presenting them as accidents or suicides. In addition to murders, there is such a thing as beatings in the family, and this in Turkey has no end or edge. This, for example, is evidenced by a survey of Turkish men conducted by the Kirikkale University and the Happy Children Foundation. According to him, 62% of men support the statement that neo


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