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Second wave of coronavirus in Spain – 2 regions were quarantined

Spain returns quarantine measures, because new outbreaks of coronavirus have been recorded in Catalonia, Aragon and Madrid, and now the authorities are returning strict quarantine to some cities, and tourists are hastily leaving the country. Over the past weekend, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection amounted to 118 704 people, and in just one weekend, 8 500 people fell ill. The increase in cases is simply colossal, and this is taking into account the fact that 6,500 new cases of COVID-19 were officially registered last weekend, and about 4,500 more people the weekend before last.

In two cities of the province of Valladolid - Iskar and Pedrajas - full quarantine was introduced. Local residents, of which there are about 10,000 people, are again not allowed to leave their homes unnecessarily; entry and exit from these cities are again closed. It is also worth noting that new strict rules, including a mask regime, adherence to social distance, were introduced by the country's authorities in the regions loved by all tourists - such as the Balearic and Canary Islands.

We remind you that in the period from May to June 2020, there was a decrease in the number of cases in Spain. Today, the incidence is increasing at a rapid pace. And most importantly, the new wave of coronavirus affected the most tourist provinces of the country - so, even the Barcelona leadership "did not recommend" the local population to leave their homes - and yet the ban was practically not observed - the beaches were 100% full.

Now, due to a new wave of morbidity, the number of tourists in Spain is rapidly declining. And, for example, the UK has already “struck out” Spain from the list of safe countries, demanding that all tourists returning from there go through a 2-week quarantine.


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