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In Spain, scientists start developing spray against Covid-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Spain, more than 285 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been identified. One of the authors of the study, Julia Revuelta, believes that the infection begins precisely in the oropharyngeal cavity, so the dosage form of a spray based on certain molecules will create a barrier through which virus particles cannot enter the human body, losing their effect.

As conceived by scientists, the spray "uses biomolecules (polysaccharides) to simulate the cell surface where Covid-19 attaches, and thus can intercept it and stop the infection." The spray will simply need to be sprayed around the mouth. And even if the infection has already happened, then just the use of a spray will help neutralize viral particles. As a result, the spread of infection to the lung area will not occur. Or, at the very least, the spray will help "reduce the severity of the infection."

Spanish experts say that if the effectiveness of the spray can be proven, then an antiviral agent with a wide spectrum of action will be obtained! This will help fight possible future pandemics.


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